The Entrepreneur Network


The Entrepreneur Network is a wordpress,buddypress site which is a UK based social network for new entrepreneurs and the developers. The concept is to make a place where new company owner can meet with right person they needed, also for developers perspective, they can get opportunity to get connected with entrepreneurs. the site organize meet-ups based of user profile. I build this site from sketch. basically my job was to manage different kinds of user differently. short description about features is below,


Template: This site is not blogging based social media. concept is different here. So I need to develop a theme which focuses on the concept. but my client liked BuddyBoss theme when I referred. But I need to modify hugely. compare both and find yourself 😉


Custom features: I already mentioned, this is the site focused on user management. Different kinds of user can be here (company owner, developer, network builder), so, first thing, we need to get different information from different kind of users, I developed a well managed buddypress profile and registration page. basically, working on this project. I got idea of my plugin Buddypress User Account Type

so, the points are:

  • Well managed profile for different kind of users. example: Developer profile, Start-up profile
  • Look, there a small circle (green, red, or blue ) at user profile beside user name. this indicate that users availability, and user can change it by changing their “Availability” status from profile editor.
  • Members listing page is attractive and informative, short description of users skill, and some other information added, so one can easily get a concept. take a look
  • There an efficient search option with various filer. it is actually customized version of BP member search plugin
  • Attractive and self-described navigation


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  • Name: The Entrepreneur Network
  • URL:
  • Type: Social media for professionals
  • Platform: WordPress,Buddypress
  • Template used: customized form of BuddyBoss
  • Custom plugin used: initial version of buddypress user account type
  • Clients testimonial :

[quote author=”Jonathan Geitner” image=”” w=”400″ h=”250″ image_align=”right”]

Rimon was the best developer I’ve ever worked with so far. A pleasure to work with, and I’m going to actually miss working with him!

He was fully capable; got the job done brilliantly, has good knowledge, worked through the night to get things completed; if I need work done again in future he’ll be the first I’ll approach and I’d recommend him to anyone.

Also just good to work with.