Stop BuddyPress Spam Registration By Restricting Email Domain

Spamming is undoubted problem for any website. And if you are using BuddyPress and have this spam users constantly registering and posting spam post, you’ll know how annoying and harmful it is. WordPress registration system is fairly simple and there’s not much scope for spam users, but when it comes to BuddyPress, it seems like I have to pay the price of huge extended features by accepting lots of spam users. If you have the same experience too, There’s good news for you.
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There’s many ways to control spam registration in BuddyPress. Each one has different approach. In fact, it’s better to have combined anti spam approach to make your BuddyPress social network site bulletproof. One of those lot approaches can be controlling email service provider domain. Spammers usually use some auto generated script to generate one time email address, which contains some kind of random and unrecognized email domains. But real users usually use top-level recognized emails. So, trick is, just make a white list of email domains and ignore all others in registration process.
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Recently I came to know about this plugin, named “BP Restrict Signup by Email Domain” which will allow you to have this feature. By using this plugin, you can allow only email domains you know and want and trustworthy. All other emails will be denied in registration process.
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The plugin is an opensource project and created by BuddyPress core contributor RAY. Project source is in github repository So feel free to contribute and make it further advanced (I am considering myself to do that as well 😉 )

you can download the plugin from WordPress plugin repository.

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Plugin Information

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# Plugin Version: 1.0
# Platform Requirement: WordPress v3.4.x, BuddyPress v1.6
#Tested Up To: WordPress v4.4.x, BuddyPress v2.5.x

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