Rimons Twitter Widget 0.5 released

Couple of months ago, I just made this plugin as a test and listed to wordpress.org, it is a very simple concept, basically, it is a widget plugin. after activating the plugin, you’ll get a widget at wp-admin-> appearance -> widgets which grab tweets from your twitter account. I know theres a lot of plugins like that.. but important thing if this plugin is, it’s css style is fully customizable.

When people use these kind of social media widget, they need to adjust its color scheme to their theme. Rimons Twitter Widget plugin is just focused on that. users can customize the widget’s skin according to their theme.

menus are plain and simple.. this is the back end look:



And this is the front look at default color scheme and options, actually, this screenshot is not needed, you can see that I am using this at my sidebar 😉


Download the plugin and let me know feedback,both positive or negative  🙂


As twitter updated their API version to 1.1, this plugin is updated too, you need twitter API key to configure the plugin, if you don’t know how to get API key info, See Here

Download Rimons Twitter Widget

57 comments on “Rimons Twitter Widget 0.5 released

  1. Hiya! I think it’s beautiful, very stylish and cusomizable!
    I used it on http://www.roezanna.com and it looks great. Much better than a previous Twitter plugin.

    Is it also possible for me to change the text “join the conversation”? And perhaps remove the username? It’s perfect already though, but I just love being able to customize.

    With joy,

    1. Thanks Marleen
      to hide “join the conversation”, open your themes style.css file and copy paste those line at bottom

      .twtr-ft span a {
      display: none;

      and to hide the username .. copy and paste

      .twtr-widget h4 {
      display: none;

      or, you can write both at a tile like this,

      .twtr-ft span a, .twtr-widget h4 {
      display: none;


  2. Extremely simple and functional. I love the ease of which I could change the color and adjust the size to suit wherever I was placing it.

    I wonder if future iterations could allow for publication of a select few followers too rather than just the one user account.

  3. The name and Twitter account name in the top of the shell container do not float next to the image. They display below and to the right. Is there a way to fix that?

    1. Hiya Chris. I’m having the exact same issue and I was wondering if yoou were able to resolve it. Rimon, do you have an idea? Other thant that, I only have good things to say about this widget.

      1. Hi Chris and Rene, the problem is in your theme CSS, it is conflicting with twitter widget cms, open you theme;s style.css and add these line at bottom

        #twtr-widget-1 h3, #twtr-widget-1 h4 {
        clear: none;

        1. It doesn’t work for me either. I also added this code by my self, but still not wok.

          .twtr-widget-profile h3, .twtr-widget-profile h4 {
          margin: 0px 20px 0px 5px;

    1. hm.. There is no option to limit tweets for now, Thinking to implement it in later versions, but you can reduce height to show less tweets. it is not so flexible solution but still a solution 😉

  4. Hello Rimanon. I just modified the code a little bit for transparent “Container Background” and “Tweets Background”. In function form I give back ‘none’ as default value in this two cases. Maybe you want to include it.

    Thank you for your work, raul

  5. hey Rimon i was wondering if there is a way to reduce the font size of the widget. For some reason it is a lot bigger than the font on the rest of my site

  6. Hi Rimon! I have your Twitter Widget installed, activated and have my user name in it. The box shows up on my page, but I’m not seeing any tweets. Any ideas? Thanks!

  7. Hi Rimon – LOVE ths plugin – so customizable. However, after the upgrade the other day, my container disappeared. Shorly after, the tweets disappeared. Then, they reappeared later in the day and have now disappeared again and it would seem for good. I’m using Thesis. Any known issues with Thesis? Any quick fixes? Thank you.

      1. Hi Rimon,

        Thanks for replying. The site is: hollywoodtwinkle.com

        I tried the plugin today and it’s working once again. If it disappears before you have a chance to see it, the placement is in the sidebar, below Coming Soon. Not sure why it keeps glitching out on me. Also, the container won’t show up for some reason though I have it specified as a color.

        Thanks. Marianne

  8. If your plugin container appears but tweets aren’t showing, be sure they are public. From your Twitter profile, uncheck “protect my tweets” and save changes then refresh your browser.

    1. Thanks – the tweets have always been public, so that’s not the issue. I also just double checked to make sure.

      After the update the other day, the widget disappeared enirely. So, I went into the widget settings, reset everything, and the tweets showed up – but no container. The container has been missing since.

      Also, every once in a while the entire feed disappears and all that you can see is a faint outline of the twitter bird icon and the title which I’ve called “the DIALOGUE.” It wouldn’t load yesterday morning and then suddenly appeared in the afternoon. This morning, it was gone again, and returned this afternoon. I’m beginning to think the bird is actually a night owl and doesn’t like mornings!

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  9. I’m trying to translate the text strings in your awesome plugin. Any idea? (minutes, ago, reply…)

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Installed this and it was working great. Then suddenly it stopped displaying all text except for “join the conversation.” The little bird is also still there, colors still there, dimensions, just all text is gone.

    Hope this is fixed soon.

  11. Hi Rimon, excellent plugin – easily the most accessible Twitter widget I’ve used. Was just wondering if there was a way to remove the margin padding? Regardless of the width I configure, there’s always a large border to the top and left of the widget (I suspect 10px each way). My other widgets have 5px of space, so it looks a little out of place. Any advice? Cheers!

  12. I am working on updating our website and would like to use your plug-in. I currently have everything on a test system (http://nametest.weserver.org/affinity/) and can not get the header correct. The h4 header with the twitter username is offset where it appears below and to the left of the gravatar. Can you help explain why it is appearing like this?


  13. I think your app is great. Customisation is the key, and the ease of use is even better.
    I worry the app will stop working next year when twitter cancels RSS feed support. I hope I’m wrong!
    I don’t know enough about programming to guess.
    Will this app stop working then?


  14. Hello,
    Can I use multiple widgets on the same page? For instance, If I want to group 30-40 Rimon Twitter widgets on the same page to sort of aggregate a certain twitter topic, will this cause a crash? Will it try to “pull too much information” from twitter so I get an error. Too many requests in a given time frame?


  15. I like to know if is possible to delete the entire top. The name of twitter user and the mini photo icon. All elements on top until the tweets. Thanks for all in advance.

  16. Great plugin. I was looking for this, since Twitter’s own widget that looked like that seems to not be available anymore….
    But I was wondering if there’s any way to remove the whole bottom part, including the Twitter logo and not just the “join the conversation” link.
    Also, the font size feature isn’t working. It doesn’t matter which value I enter (5, 12, 10px, 11pt, or whatever), it always shows the same size, which’s way bigger than the rest of the fonts on my theme… =/
    And I was wondering a few things: if the height could be set to auto, to adjust to the number of tweets displayed without having to scroll or to have an empty space bellow the last one, and where I could change the language (as in “x days ago · reply · retweet · favorite” below each tweet), so it could be displayed in my own language.
    And one last thing: is there any plans to add a feature where’d be possible to display multiple Twitter users?

  17. Hi Rimon,

    Thank you for a great widget!
    However, it seems not to be working anymore… Is it just me or did something change?
    Hope to hear from you.

    Grtz Sara

    1. Hi Sara
      it is still working ( i am using it at this site, you see at right sidebar ), please confirm that you put username correctly.

      1. Hi Rimon,

        Yesterday I didn’t see the updates on both my website and yours, but now I see them again. Maybe it was something in my pc, sorry for bothering you…

        Grtz Sara

  18. Hi Rimon:
    I really like the widget. but i got your advertisement above of the footer, i just want to remove it. How can i get rid of “Rimons twitter widget by Rimon Habib” ?


  19. Anyone else’s Twitter widget go down? It’s a great widget but within the past couple days the widget has stopped working for me. I tried re-installing but it doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

  20. Okay guys,
    Problem is twitter made changes in their widget,
    I am updating the plugin,. you will get it after 2-3 days!

    1. Hi John,
      I am working with it, by tomorrow or next day, you all will get a temporary update with classic skin (which was in old widget ), but real cool feature coming up soon after that!

      Thanks for using my plugin

  21. Hi Rimon,

    Thanks very much for the Tweeter guidance and update. It works Great on my website again and was that simple based on your guidance.

    Absolutely awesome!!!