Couple of months ago, I just made this plugin as a test and listed to, it is a very simple concept, basically, it is a widget plugin. after activating the plugin, you’ll get a widget at wp-admin-> appearance -> widgets which grab tweets from your twitter account. I know theres a lot of plugins like that.. but important thing if this plugin is, it’s css style is fully customizable.

When people use these kind of social media widget, they need to adjust its color scheme to their theme. Rimons Twitter Widget plugin is just focused on that. users can customize the widget’s skin according to their theme.

menus are plain and simple.. this is the back end look:



And this is the front look at default color scheme and options, actually, this screenshot is not needed, you can see that I am using this at my sidebar 😉


Download the plugin and let me know feedback,both positive or negative  🙂


As twitter updated their API version to 1.1, this plugin is updated too, you need twitter API key to configure the plugin, if you don’t know how to get API key info, See Here

Download Rimons Twitter Widget