one of my best works. it is a sports based social media site developed with WordPress. WordPress Multisite and Buddypress. Basically, it is not just a plain MU,BP site, I have made a ton of custom features, plugins, an other customization. here is a short description.

Template: The theme of this site is a custom theme. it is fully dynamic and fully buddypress and multisite compatible. theres are some specialties in the theme. as example.. the navigation is unique. the navigation link refer to buddypress groups. each group is for particular team of american football. another example of the theme is, each group page has different color scheme based on the group’s avatar (refer to team logo) color. there are several custom multisite widgets.

Custom plugin | Twitter ticker : There is a simple twitter ticker bottom of the site which grab tweets from twitter account and show as like marquee. it is very simple and nice custom plugin.

Custom plugin | March Madness : This is one of my best works at plugin development. the idea is, a wordpress plugin to fill up NCAA basketball bracket. user can fill up bracket before starting the tournament, until voting is open. admin can start/stop voting when needed from backend. after voting, when match starts, admin can update bracket according to match result. user will get point for every right prediction till final.there is a leaderboard which is the point table. height point obtained user gets some prize from the site. this feature is used NCAA 2012, and will be used next years too.

Custom plugin: Fantasy Football :  This is actually in development process, not done yet. idea is a virtual match. I am not going to describe now all features, but will update when it is done.  😉

These are the major things. but a ton of small and medium customization in themes and backend too.

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  • Name: RepMyCollege
  • URL:
  • Type: Sports based (American football) social media
  • Platform: WordPress,Multisite,Buddypress
  • Template used: custom
  • Custom plugin used: RMC twitter ticker, March Madness, Fantasy Football