ClientLeen Health limited
CategoriesMobile Application
URLLaunch Project

Leen is a telemedicine app focused on on-demand doctor’s assistance. Leen mobile applications are basically divided into two separate application. One is for doctors and another one is for patients. Both platforms are open.


Technologies Used

  • Backend API service
    • Node.js
    • Express.js
    • MongoDB
    • Redis
    • GraphQL
    • Mocha, Chai
    • Amazon AWS EC2
    • Amazon AWS lambda
  • Mobile Applications
    • React Native
    • TypeScript
    • REST API
    • webRTC
    • Pub/Sub
    • Twilio API
    • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Admin Portal
    • React.js
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • REST API
    • ElasticSearch
    • AWS S3 Bucket


Leen Patient App Details

This document contains the leen application workflow and elements.

It starts with registration.

Registration Process: leen registration process will have the following steps: 

  • Splash screen
  • Login screen, at the bottom, link to “don’t have an account.”
  • Registration screen, with name and phone number
  • OTP screen, to verify OTP
  • Set profile screen with an image and set password fields, then save button.
  • Patient dashboard. (will be described later)


The patient app will have two navigations, The sidebar navigation and the footer navigation. All the items of footer navigation will also be in the sidebar navigation. The purpose of footer navigation is giving users quick access.

Sidebar (primary) navigation items:

  • Profile picture with the edit icon
  • Dashboard icon
  • My profile
  • My Doctors
  • Prescriptions
  • Reports
  • Find Doctors
  • Payment
  • Help
  • Settings

Footer navigation items:

  • Dashboard icon
  • My Profile
  • Call 
  • Payment
  • Settings

Screen – Dashboard: 

Dashboard screen will contain cards. For a new user, of course, there will be no content. In which case, we will show add buttons.

So, For the new patient. Dashboard, Cards will be –

  • Prescription: For new user, it will show an image and text “No Prescription Found.” and then add prescription button.
  • Balance: Next card will be user balance card. It will be 0 for users. And it will contain recharge button.
  • Invite: The last card will be invite card. User can invite other users by typing the phone number or selecting from the contact list.

Screen – My Profile

My profile screen will have tabs: My profile and My Family.

  • My profile screen will contain
    • Name
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Known/Past Illness
    • Save button
  • My Family will contain the same fields with add member button.

Screen – My Doctors

The doctor screen will contain a list of doctors that user previously called. also, the user can select his/her favourite doctor from doctors list

Screen – Prescriptions

This screen will contain the user’s prescription list. It will have two tabs, Previous, Current. For new users, the screen will show “No Prescriptions Found” in both tabs. And both tabs will contain “Add Prescription” button which will open the camera or attachment.

Screen – Reports

This screen will have a dropdown of prescription and attachment icon button to attach report images. User will select prescription from the dropdown and app will show all attached reports with that prescription in a grid view. 

Screen – Find Doctor

The doctor screen will contain a list of doctors with filters.

Filters we will use here:

  • Department (dropdown)
  • Location
  • Gender

Screen – Payment

The payment screen will show the user’s balance and then recharge button. On click on the recharge button, the app will take the user to the next screen where the user can select the amount. After selecting the amount, the Pay button will take the user to the payment gateway. 

On a successful recharge, we will show. a recept screen,

On failure, we will show the payment failed error screen.

Screen – Help

The help screen will contain a simple form. User can type anything they like to, and there will be a submit button.

Screen – Settings 

This screen will contain a few fields

  • Language (dropdown)
  • Location (Text Field with google map integration)
  • Change Password
  • Delete Account
  • Logout

Screen – Call

Call screen will start with tapping on call icon from footer navigation. On tap, the app will show three options: 

1 – Consultant only

    • Don’t know who to call. Press find a doctor and leen will connect you with a consultant.
    • It will show a charge amount of 100 BDT.
    • Then Call For Consultant button.

2 – General Practicians (MBBS, Medicine)

  • Show doctor image
  • Show charge of 300 BDT.
  • Call For GP button 

3 – Specialized Doctor 

  • Show image of a doctor
  • A dropdown to select the department (example: Cancer, Oncologist)
  • Charge amount of 500 BDT

When the user selects an option, the app will show a pop up for confirmation showing the charged amount and Okay and Cancel button. Then the app will take the user to the next page, with loader animation “leen is looking for your doctor …”. 

Once the call is established, the app will start the audio call first with the speaker, video, mute, drop call icons.