26 comments on “New plugin going to release | Buddypress Post Author Profile lite

  1. i mean, for example, in your photo: next to the “Win Soon” it would be great if you put a link to the Buddypress Profile . I’m thinking about a page where there are more than one users who can writte posts. I think the page where you have the Buddypress Profile ends with “…/members/username”, right?
    I would apreciate very much if you put a link to this Buddypress Profile Page but knowing that there can be more than one users…. am i clear? sorry for my bad english…

  2. and the description that you have: ” People ask me about my name. Well it just…” is it possible to link that with the Buddypress descriptions about you that you have in the Buddypress Profile page?

    1. Okay.. I got that.. you mean there will be more than one blog writer, and you want to go blog writer’s Buddypress profile page when you click on his name (“Win Soon” according to the pic ). Right?
      okay, sure, it is one of the basic features 🙂

      and for description, these info is actually directly grabbed dynamically from Buddypress prifile, nothing will set manually.. so, only those info will be shown which is set by user. and of course, all will linked to main Buddypress profile

  3. I’ve always looked for this and never really found a easy plugin solution that worked great with buddypress. I find that hard to believe being the nature of buddypress is built on community and having multiple people, possibly authors…..So, I’m really excited for this. When will it be available?

    1. Currently I am working on Buddypress User Account Type PRO, just after that I’ll start working on this.so, it may take 3.5 more weeks to release it.
      hmm.. about multiple user community, it is not hard to do with Buddypress. basically, buddypress is built to do that. it doesn’t remove any wordpres feature, just extend it to a multiple user community. after installing Buddypress, Authors can write and publish post just like before, so.. it is not hard anymore.


  4. Very interesting plugin Rimon, it would be very helpful too to have an author bio box with integration to achievement for buddypress and cubepoint ranking system also.

  5. Can’t wait for this plugin! It’s long overdue to recongnize the authors of a buddypress community on their individual post!

    1. Sorry Michael, I wanted to do it fast, but I was sick for some weeks, and worked a little on Buddypress user account type. if you really need it urgently, you can mail me your skype or any other IM id, I can give you a raw version