I have been talking and convincing machines to work for humanity for the last ten years. By this time, I have worked with several start-ups all over the world, Specially in South East Asia, Australia, and Central Europe. I have actively helped to launch their products and services.

I, personally, always look forward to the next exciting project once I am done with the existing one when I feel that the start-up can move on without me. I suppose that makes my life quite exciting 🙂

With that experience, I have finally formed my startup, Virtue5, which is also focused on helping other start-ups and collaborating. At the same time, Virtue5 is working on its products and services. Virtue5 is formed based on three fundamental principles. Research & Development, Decentralized Company, and Self-sustaining Eco-system.

To talk about my team Virtue5, We are a small team now but very effective. We are growing at an incredible speed. Virtue5’s plan to create small teams like micro-service based structure. Each team will work independently with a specific problem/project. It doesn’t really matter what technology will be used there. WordPress, BuddyPress, Node.JS based micro-service, mobile applications, or maybe Machine learning, it doesn’t matter. The core idea of it is to make small teams with a specific problem and the resources to solve the problem. Each team will collaborate with another and ultimately work as one. Right now, we have two different teams at Virtue5. One is working on WordPress related things. Another team is working on Micro-service and Machine learning with Rasa and wit.ai, oh well, there is a 3rd team that is not entirely built yet, Virtue5 Design Team. We are working on it.

If you are trying building something cool for the next generation web, my team, Virtue5, and I welcome you to discuss. Perhaps we can help you to solve the problems of your project. You’ll never know what’s out there unless you try, so that’s why We decided to provide free consultancy for your project. Let’s talk about your excellent idea. Let us handle the technical part of it because that’s where we are with web technologies.

Write to us about your project, and we will get back to you as soon as possible and discuss your excellent idea.

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