It’s been a decade I am working with WordPress. BuddyPress is relatively new, but I have observed the transformation of WordPress & BuddyPress. There are a lot of exciting things that came in WordPress & BuddyPress. Also, some are lacking that I feel should be there for general users. I wrote a BuddyPress User Type plugin a few years ago, which introduced the idea of having user types in BuddyPress. Later, the idea implemented in the BuddyPress core and have a nice API for that.

Along my journey with WordPress & BuddyPress, I felt there are missing pieces that can make WordPress great (It is already a most used CMS). However, Web Technologies are expanding. With this expansion, there are a lot more new challenges, philosophy, and needs are here.

I have taken my time to build a dynamic, vibrant, and agile team which can work on next-generation web technologies. Building cool stuff and bring those things into WordPress and BuddyPress. The name of the team is Virtue5.

If you feel the same, and trying building something cool for the next generation web, my team and I welcome you to discuss. Perhaps we can help you to solve the problems of your project. You’ll never know what’s out there unless you try, so that’s why We decided to provide free consultancy for your project. Let’s talk about your excellent idea. Let us handle the technical part of it because that’s where we are with web technologies.


Write to us about your project, and we will get back to you as soon as possible and discuss your excellent idea.

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