Free Consultation for Your Project

I have been talking and convincing machines to work for humanity for the last ten years. By this time, I have worked with several start-ups all over the world, especially in South East Asia, Australia, and Central Europe. I have actively helped to launch their products and services.

I am specialized in web application development. I use different stacks based on different use cases. For example, if your project is in the “Idea” phase, you might want to develop a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to see how it will work. For those cases, I suggest using WordPress as a framework with other popular pluigns such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress etc.

Once your project reaches a certain threshold. You need to scale up. Because of that, again, we can think of a lot of different technologies.For me, I can help if your project is based on, JavaScript (node.js), PHP, Python, Amazon AWS services, Database Migration, System architecture design.

The best way to find out if I can help with your project is to jump on a call and discuss it. You can easily schedule a meeting with me (see the right side). I will be happy to discuss and provide my feedback from my experience. And It’s free of cost!