BuddyPress User Account Type PRO has released


Couple of months ago, I released Buddypress user account type plugin which allow to create different types of user directory to your buddypress site instead of one global ‘members’ buddypress page. it was an experimental plugin and I couldn’t implement so much features what I thought, because of lacking of time. I thought couple of features for its PRO version.

Buddypress user account type has only feature to create different directory according to type, and that directory uses buddypress default listing style.

So, whats coming with PRO version? Here is a list I thought,

  • Layout: you will be able to select layout style of member directory, by default all Buddypress theme show member as list, I am planning to add grid style layout with thumbnail of user avatar.
  • Profile data: Buddypress members directory is plain and simple, it shows only user names with their avatar, last active time, last activity. But I though it may be better to show some profile info. so visitor can have a quick idea about that user. I developed earlier something like that for a site, see the demo.
  • Role and capability: For Blog based Buddypress site, it may be good to assign different role to different types of users, as example, user type 1 can be assigned to Admin role, user type 2 can be in Editor role etc.
  • Different profile fields: Derek asked me by his comment to add feature to assign different profile fields to different user types. it would be quite complex for now, but I’ll try to add it, although not sure if I can do it in a short time.
  • Adjustable styles and element: you’ll get full option to select which elements you want to show or not, and also get option to adjust CSS of the elements.

Thats all what Think for now, Some of these are done, but most of these still remaining to implement. I am sorry to those guys who are waiting for it, but I am trying to make it quick. I am thinking to release it at 1st or 2nd week of may. well, of course let me know what new features you want to see in it. I’ll try to implement.

BuddyPress User Account Type PRO has released