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    1. Yeah,Sure, you can, but it is still not complete, you can mail me with your email and skype ID, so I can let you know updates and get updates also for beta testing.

  1. This could be ideal for a current project – particularly if existing users could change their own user type in their profile themselves. Do you have an ETA? It would need to be in the next few weeks, or I would need to find an alternative solution – or pay for more bespoke work.


    1. Hello Sabrina,
      Template is in buat_function.php file, in buat_get_user_template() function.
      I am trying to integrate the plugin with default activity loop, I guess then this kind of problems will be solved.

      and about you previous mail, the feature you want is some custom feature actually.. it cant be implement generally. but you may look at this plugin.. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-registration-options/
      this plugin allow you to moderate users after registration.

  2. Can’t wait! definitely need to be able to show more profile fields, good idea. For now I edit the plugin on each update to remove activity info and add 2 fields

  3. hows it going? I don’t want to rush you as having it work well is very important. I was just curious.

    1. Its going okay,but unfortunately I got sick and couldn’t work for some days.. but yes, I am working on it and will release as soon as possible.

  4. Hi Rimon

    Great to see you’re trying to overhaul the default profile field set-up. It is very basic at the moment so i’m looking forward to seeing your improvements.

    I’d like my members to be able to comment on and “like” their profile fields. For example, if one of my members enters “Purple” in the profile field “Favorite Color” – i’d like the rest of the members on my site to be able to “like” Purple on their profile page.

  5. Looking forward to see the Different profile fields feature! This should have been added to bp a long time ago and just by looking at the forums I’m sure it will be very popular since it has been requested several times over there.

    Best wishes!

    1. Looks to be a perfect fit for buddy press limited roles and caps. I am currently developing a site that needs this plugin, if you would like beta help please send me links and i will post notes

  6. Is this still under plugin still under construction? I have been waiting and hoping that It would be released soon. If not I will be creating some thing like it from scratch. Thanks in advance for any updates

    1. Yes, I agree…I’m excited to see what’s happening with this. Do you have a realistic time frame at all?
      If not, we’ll probably work on a custom solution or something else. thanks.

    2. Okay Guys, cool down, its about a long typhoid is playing with me, but, I’ll release it within sept 15th, its a deal

  7. Wow that is great news, please email me once its available.

    I do have another question about user account type at the moment, I see there is a line for pagination of members, presumably when they reach a set limit, are you able to let me know how I can activate this feature of your superb plugin.



    1. Hi John,
      sorry, I didnt get the problem properly,
      but a lots of new features ( More than described at this post ) with own style customization facility coming, please wait 3 more days 🙂


  8. Hello! May I ask if the plugin allow the admin to hide all type to registers and assign them to a type by default, later in the backend the admin themselves have the ability to change the type of them? Because in the lite version, people can change their role in their frontend by the admin cannot, which is the opposite of what I would like to do.

    1. Hello Cathy, this feature is added in PRO version, I have released it,
      but yes, it is an essential feature, I’ll include this on lite version too, and update the lite version soon


      1. That will be awesome!! May I ask if the pro or future lite version can review and assign type to each member one by one, while in the pro screenshot I see that the role can be changed in bulk but I am not sure if I can review and change it one by one.

        1. Theres bulk change option is from backend, but if admin wants to edit one by one, admin can simply edit that particular users profile going

          User can edit own type from own profile but site admin can edit anyone’s type

          1. That is good to know! and may I ask if I can stop users from editing their type and only editable by admin? And in the lite version even I set the field value visible to all in their profile I cannot see this field as public but only the account owner, actually what I want is to allow people from outside and the account owner themselves distinguish what type of user they are but I don’t want to allow them to edit it. Is it possible?

          2. Also may I ask if the pro version support search by type? I can see search bar in the screenshot but I am not sure if that is by type or will search the whole network, thank you Rimon!!

        2. Yes, these all features you wanted included in PRO version, Searches and filters works for particular directory not globally, let me know if any more questions.
          Actually I just released the PRO version but haven’t uploaded manual yet, so, it may be confusing.


          1. Hmm, Not sure about image fields, does BP provide image fields as profile field? or are you using any plugin for it?
            if it is profile fields, it should work,
            please let me know details, if needed, I’ll add support for it

          2. the main concern on using bp gallery is that I don’t want to allow images or gallery upload in certain type, so I don’t know if I can use it…

          3. hmm, no, gallery restriction is not included yet, actually, there is so much different plugin for galley and it is not possible to add support for all, but if you select a specific gallery (like you said, bp gallery from buddydev), it may need some custom works to restrict that,
            I have plan to add URL restriction in later version, then it may easy to manage

            1. Hello Rimon gain, I just updated the fre plugin and now the shortcode don’t work anymore, is there other way to embed? There is no page setting in the setting, the basic setting have only 1 field called “Select type defining field” I saved it again but nothing happened, would you mind to take a look?

            2. Hello Rimon again,I just updated the free plugin the shortcode doesn’t work anymore, but then I go to the setting select the field in e “Select type defining field” and resave but still only the same field, no more field like in the manual appear, now the direcotry page is gone the shortcode is not working anymore, would you mind to take a look?


          4. Thank you Rimon! May I ask if in the future you would consider making relationship between each type? saying a students is being taught by certain teacher, actually I am building a site that have places and each place have some tenant, but we want to show them by role type in the member list, instead of putting places into group and tenant into member because they are have public profile we want to show to people, so we want to show what tenant are inside the place and in the tenant’s profile we want to show which place they belong to in their profile. Is it possible or already did?

  9. Buddypress profile edit allows account type change even though in settings it is disabled to edit.
    any estimate when this will be fixed ?