This Plugin is out dated.

BuddyPress Member Type Manager


For last couple of months, I am asked thousands of times about BuddyPress User Account Type PRO plugin. It took me some time to release it for two major reason, one if my sickness and another is, I have added a lot more features as I described before here . But, after all it is released. Now its version is 1.0. but I’ll release another version very soon with some more features, People who already bought it or thinking to purchase, you can get auto updates from your site every time I release new version.

So, Whats the features now it has?
Here it is,

Different members directory:  BuddyPress user account type lite used pretty basic feature to categories users and making different directory using shortcodes, PRO version included different directory for different type users, both using shortcode and page selection.

Different profile field for different types of user: This is the most important feature I think. you can have different profile fields for different types of users. you can exclude and include fields.

Different Roles and Capabilities for different types of users: Different type of users can have different roles and capabilities, you can trigger roles in just a click. and can select default role for different types of user, so. when new users registered, his/her role will be automatically triggered according to default selection. It is also triggered when user/admin change type. of course, you can select if user can change or not his own type. and also, if you like to exclude some particular members not to change Role during triggering process, you may exclude some IDs.

Conditional fields at registration: By default, BuddyPress includes base profile group fields at registration form. but, you may need to hide some fields for specific type of users, which means, restrict to fill up that fields, PRO version allow you to have conditional fields during registration, when user selects own type, fields associated with that type will be visible via ajax request. and, of course you can include fields too which are not in base profile group.

Access management: you may have different access to pages/posts for different types of users, you can restrict some pages from a perticula user group using page ID. and you can also restrict a part of a page or post using shortcode, as example,

[buatp user_type=”teachers,stuff”]

Some post content or page content


using this, it will protect “Some post content or page content” text from not logged in or any type of users except teachers and stuff type.

Layout: PRO version allow to have grid and list style layout, and visitors can change view too. you may include some fields to members directory loop, so it will look like this

Adjust elements and style: you can select which elements you want to show or not in directory page, and can customize element styles

Include members in page/posts using shortcode: You can include some users in you page/post  inside the content using shortcodes,

[buatp user_type=”student” max=”2″ arrange_by=”alphabetical”]

This will include 2 student types users alphabetically. theres more parameter of shorcode, details described in user manual.

Whats next?

For future version, I am thinking to implement:

  • A payment gateway, so, admin can have some charge on user type upgrade,
  • Extending access managements in buddypress elements, example, user type teacher can be only friend of another teacher, user type students can follow teachers but not stuff, user type stuff can only create groups etc.
  • extending more layout option, add a ajax profile preview pop up box, enable more control on elements.

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This Plugin is out dated.

BuddyPress Member Type Manager