I have just released Buddypress User Account type lite plugin, heres some description about the plugin,


Buddypress User Account Type provides you to categories your site’s users to different types as you want, As example:

Lets yous Buddypress community is for a school, So, you can have may be 3 types of users,

  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Stuff

This plugin allow you to categories these users and create individual members directory page accourding to user type using shortcodes

You need to create a Select box filed from buddypress profile field and make that Required to determine user’s accunt type during registration

to make members directory according to account type, you need to create new page from wp-admin->’add new page’ and just copy this short code [bp_user_account_type type=”ACCOUNT TYPE NAME HERE”] and simply publish the page.


Step 1: Screenshot 1

Buddypress User Account type screenshot 1

Add a new select type field to define user type and add some type names as you want from Buddypress->profile fields

Step 2: Screenshot 2

Continued from step 1

Continued from step 1

Step 3: Screenshot 3

Buddypress User Account type screenshot 3

Go to Buddypress->user account type and select which filed you want to show to define user type

Step 4: Screenshot 4

to show users list (like buddypress members directory) of TYPE_NAME user type “]Buddypress User Account type screenshot 4

Download the pluign :

Download Buddypress User Account type lite

Let me know feedback after using the plugin and don’t hesitate to ask any question.