54 comments on “Buddypress User Account type lite Released

  1. Hi there,
    is there a way (even with a function call or php) to assign already existing users a User Account Type setting? What entry would I have to do in the DB?

  2. Hi there,
    other question: is there a way of filtering the results like in buddypress original? By newest, recent active, alphabetical? Also can I use the standard search box on the displayed members?

      1. Is the search filter for the membership types happening? It’s really essential to the list of those members.

  3. I would like to have the members company name be displayed when adding the short code to a page. I don’t like the usernames displayed. How can I make this happen so I can have different types of companies be displayed on different pages.

    1. Okay… So you want that, A user will register with some king of company type, and you want to show Company names instead of user’s name?

  4. I noticed in the php file that you made a comment about being able to add profile field information to the list that is generated by your plugin. I’m kind of a novice at writing php what exactly would the code look like? The filed that I am trying to show is in a secondary field group.

    Thanks for the plug in! If I can get this to work I’d love to make a donation!

    1. Sorry for late replay, hmm.. do you want to show some profile information in member list beside user name and avatar? or let me know what do you want, I am updating the plugin and release a pro version (will be premium) soon, but I will add at lease 50% of features of pro version to the free version, so, let me know which features would you help,

      1. Sorry I was off on another project for a while there. What I’m trying to do on my site is to show some of the other fields from the profile. The list that I am trying to create is for sailor crew members I want to show from their profile what kind of boats that they are interested in racing on and what their skill levels are. Right now I am using the radio button set for these selection in the profile.

        1. I got it working. Super embarrassing. I didn’t property capitalize the field names I had created when I put it in the php code. Thanks for your plug in!

  5. Hi,
    Your contact page is empty, so I use the comments…
    Is there a way for administrator to edit BP users profiles?
    Do I need a special plugin?

    1. you dont need to use any additional plugin for this,normally there should be option to edit for admin (called admin option) in Buddypress admin bar (buddybar) when you will see any user’s profile, But if you cant find it at Buddybar, you can just simply add “/edit/group/1” after user’s profile link, As example:
      let my profile link is http://www.example.com/members/USERNAME/profile
      you have to type http://www.example.com/members/USERNAME/profile/edit/group/1 (to edit profile 1st group’s information)
      for 2nd profile group, http://www.example.com/members/USERNAME/profile/edit/group/2
      …. etc

  6. Hi Rimon,

    let me know when your updated plugin is ready. Also tell me when the PRO version is available. Thanks!

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for this plugin. This has solved my pressing problem for my upcoming project. Can you please let me know the difference between pro & lite version & when you are releasing the pro version?

    Again thanks a ton for this plugin.

    1. Hello, hmm.. better is.. I am writing a post about this topic, the pro version will be released 1st week of may

  8. Hi Rimon,

    With the lite version, can you have different profile fields for each different type of buddypress account?

    For example:
    Student profile fields would be different than teacher.

    1. Hi Derek,
      No.. lite version has not this feature, even in pro version 1.1 , It will be a complex feature, but I will develop it in pro version 1.2, coz, it need some time.

  9. Great work, thanks.
    Wondering if there is a correct way to include this in the members loop.php?
    I am wanting to show only certain members info on the members page.
    That is use this to exclude certain member groups.
    I am using BP Profile Search and would like to apply this search to show only the selected member group.

      1. Fantastic, I see there is an updated version of the plugin. Good work.
        Any idea when this might be included?
        I have a client that is getting nervous.

  10. Rimon,
    Great plugin. i was wondering how do I show custom fields in the member directory. I saw noticed there was another user with the same issue, but he never posted how to write the code exactly. If th Pro version will allow me to do this easily, then I’ll wait. However, my client is looking to launch their site soon. Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. In PRO version, this feature will be added.. but if you need urgently, you can edit code yourself,
      see buat_functions.php file, you can find some php commented lines like

      Let you have to show the information of the field named “Address” then just type bp_member_profile_data( ‘field=Address’ ); just after commented lines and before php ending tag (?>)

      this is not dynamic process, but it will help you. I’ll add it dynamically with style customization at PRO version


    1. Sorry.. there is no option like that now.. but thanks for nice idea.. will include it at pro version


        1. Hi Tomas, I am sorry.. I was sick for some days, so I coudnt work on it. but you can mail me which feature you need urgently, I’ll try to implement these first

  11. I’m using the lite version of the plugin. Created 2 types of members, subscribers & authors (they have different names but are assigned these roles).

    I’ve also created a member’s page with just the shortcode to display the author members only.

    I am still getting all of the members displaying (both subscribers & authors even though I have the shortcode) I’m wondering what i ‘ve done wrong.

    test site on: http://sst1.everythingeasternbeaches.com

  12. Hi,

    I am trying to get this plugin to work on sub-blogs. I want my list of “account type” selected users to show up on a page created on a sub-blog. Currently, it only seems to be working on pages created on the main buddypress site.

    Is there a work around? or would this be available in Pro?


  13. Theres no Select Box field found at Buddypress profile fields,

    This occurs inspite of there being a profile field created with the following
    Account Type:
    Drop Down Select box:

    What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi,

      I am not sure I understand what you are saying.

      You wrote:
      “Theres no Select Box field found at Buddypress profile fields”
      In my Buddypress profile fields, most of the fields I created are in the EXTENDED group.
      When you say “selected”, what do you mean. There is no way I can see to select them.
      I just created the fields.

      The plugin works fine on the main blog. As you can see based on the information I sent
      you previously, there is not any issues there.

      Please advise in detail, so I can better respond.


      1. Hi Al,
        Select box mean, the plugin require a drop down select box which contains user types, in the registration form, user have to select type to declare his/her type, that why we need a field (in dropdown box) containing type information, all you have to do is, create a new filed named may be “select your type” and make options.

  14. Hi Rimon,

    I have a question:
    how does the Exclude users to change role (comma saparated id): option work please?
    I tried adding some ids but it did not save the options.

    I want to make it so certain user types can not change their user type- I’m not letting users register themselves either.

  15. Hi Rimon great plugin! Was wondering if it works with s2member? The user types will still be visible on the buddypress profile but the registration form will be trough s2member form and buddypress.


    1. Hi Tom, I can confirm this does work with s2member, I have it up and running on a development I’m working on at the moment, and yes I have 2 sign ups and they both show on different pages on site as well as both on same page, that make sense?



  16. i love the plugin but it still is very limited at its current state. when is the pro version coming out i would be extremely interested in purchasing this if it is at a reasonable price. i really want to be able to have the registration be different depending on who picks what for a member level as my site caters to fans of a specific music genre and then also caters to the artist, the labels and mangers and so forth with in the same genre of the music industry. right now yes with this plugin i can give those who are not fans more accessibility on my site which is great and i love that but at the same time i don’t like to present my regular members with certain profile field options.

    Also i had a question exactly what is the difference with the pages per user group selected do i have not noticed any differences with the test accounts i have set up that the pages i placed the short codes for have changed anything. can you please explain why we need to make these pages and what exactly they do in conjunction with the plugin it self.

    one last note i think the set up instructions after installing could be more elaborated on in the next release

  17. Hi, interesting demo. could be really interseting for a lot of my projects. Some questions ;

    I installed the lite version but cant get it to work. Created a dropdown selector with 3 types, in BUAT lite settings – selected this field selector, registered new user but nothing happends. Created the shortcode on new page, witch only prints the shortcode.

    “…to make members directory according to account type, Select different page names for different directories from setting menu..”

    Where is the “setting menu” ?
    All settings options are market “GET PRO VERSION” at BUAT lite settings, so is the LITE not supported anymore?

    Im I missing something, must I use “Teacher” and so on for the LITE version?
    Must the field selector name be “Account type:” ?

    Using WP 3.4.1 + BP 5.7 + WPML + s2member
    Base group created Req dropdown named “Translation languages” with 3 options
    instered Shortcode [bp_user_account_type type=”Europe”] on a new page named Europe


    1. Hi Jonas,
      First of all, sorry, this description is for older version, new version has some changes,
      After creating user type field, you need to configure basic settings,
      There should be a section named “basic settings” at lite version.

      Configure that properly with help of

      And, Shortcodes are removed from new version, so, [bp_user_account_type type=”Europe”] it wont work. type directory is created usign page selection from basic settings.

      Let me know if you got further trouble


      1. Hi, and thanks for a quick answer.
        I never got the step 3 visible in Base settings. When selected my new dropdown, and clicked saved. The next settings fileds never appeared. It seems that I have to choose another suggested dropdown, and then select my new field again to see all options at step 3.

        And the new link make all sense, so wp.org and buddypress.org download/ install instructions should update or make things easier to understand.

        This extension seems Very interesting for a lot of our BP projects and I will check the basic out now. And then propably come back with some questions about s2member stuff I can see other people asking about.

        Is this the right forum for common questions (feels like this is a realese blog page) ?


        1. Hi Jonas,
          Let me see your site your site if theres no problem, Everything is working fine at my local server. you can send me access here from https://rimonhabib.com/contact

          And, yes, you can ask general question here, I’ll add a forum later.
          and i’ll update wp.org description too, Days are going busy for me 🙁

  18. Hi, I really like this plugin and use it, but is there an ability to show all members at the same page?
    I have set the same page for both user-types, but when calling this page in frontend, only the default user is shown, exept when clicking the first , then all are shown.
    I want to show all members when calling the page and 3 :
    Type1 – Type2 – Friends

  19. Hi Rimon,

    I am trying to set up a page with buddypress+s2members with two different kinds of member types (teacher and student). What I am struggling with is setting up payment for the different types, students should sign up for free while teachers need to pay–is there any way to include a condition for payment with the teacher user type while signing up?