BuddyPress Member Type Manager

If you are planning to make a membership site with BuddyPress which includes different member types, This is the plugin for you! BP Member Type Manager allows you to create and manage member types easily of your BuddyPress site.



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  • Create And Manage Member Types

Create Member Types as many as required and manage those easily from single page. You can categorize your users and control access by Member Types


BuddyPress Member Type Manager  BuddyPress Member Type Manager


  • Different Profile Fields for Different Member Types

Profile fields might vary depending on user. This plugin allows you to create different set of profile fields for different member types.

BuddyPress Member Type Manager Profile Fields


  • Separate Registration Page for Different Member Types

You might want to member type specific registration page where user need to fill up only relevant profile fields, avoiding other irrelevant fields. Guess what! BuddyPress Member Type Manager allows you to do that! You just need to enable this feature and plugin will overwrite BuddyPress default registration URL to member type specific URL, like, www.your-site.com/register/student

BuddyPress Member Type Manager Registration Page


  • Synchronize WordPress User Role with Member Types

If you are using membership plugins like s2members, or ecommerce plugins like woocommerce with BuddyPress, you might want more control on giving access. you can easily Synchronize WordPress User Roles with Member Types from the plugin. Possibility is unlimited in this way!

BuddyPress Member Type Manager user role


BuddyPress Member Type Manager Sync User Role


Also, You can have separate member directory based on created member types. And this is version 1.0. LOT MORE rich features are in roadmap. Get it now and enjoy free support and updates!

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[button icon=”” link=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-member-type-manager/” target=”_blank” style=”1″ lightbox=”false”]Download BuddyPress Member Type Manager[/button]

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Possible Applications

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You can develop a wide range of applications using BuddyPress with BuddyPress Member Type Manager plugin. Some examples are, Social network based Learning Management System (involved Students, Teachers, Parents, Stuff). Online Dating Sites (Male, Female). Job Board sites (Employee, Employer)… Sky is the limit!

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Plugin Information

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# Plugin Version: 1.0
# BuddyPress version requirement: 2.2
#Tested Up To: WordPress v4.4.2, BuddyPress v2.5.2

[button icon=”” link=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-member-type-manager/” target=”_blank” style=”1″ lightbox=”false”]Download BuddyPress Member Type Manager[/button]

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12 comments on “BuddyPress Member Type Manager

  1. Hi Rimon,

    Thanks for the quick reply! Yes I think I have spotted some bugs. When I delete a member type and try to add a new one after, the new member type wasn’t saved. (screenshot sent via email).

    Also, let’s say I have 2 member types, Customer and Baker.

    I activated separate registration and set a member type as default. I also checked that I can also access the registration page with both slugs. However, no matter which registration page I register from, the account’s member type mapped to the registration slug but the user role did not.

    ie. register with slug /customer (default) -> member type = customer, user role = customer
    register with slug /baker -> member type = baker, user role = customer.

    Hope you’re enjoying working in Singapore!

    Best regards,

  2. I would be great if :

    1 – ‘field groups’ just like ‘fields’ could be assigned to member types. So, I would create an entire group for just students and other for just teachers.

    2 – profile types could be assigned to existing members (bulk, not one by one)

    3 – list of the profiles of each member types could be shown separately. eg; example-com/members/students


  3. Hello..
    Nice concept but the earlier discussed bugs should be treated.
    All the changes does not reflect in any of the locations e.g Users, Member Directory

  4. Can I use a Carousel to display these member types? I would pay for this plugin if it did this. I have been looking for something like this for months.

    1. Hello Lujan,
      You can use API of the plugin to do that, but not directly possible. ( As member type is not involved, you want this for all user’s I guess? ) Its actually the question of having an access management system for BuddyPress component which I am working on. For what you can do is,
      use this code snippet at your theme’s function.php file or plugins/bp-custom.php file.

      function prevent_user_delete_own_activity_post( $can_delete, $activity ){
      if( $can_delete === ‘false’ )
      return $can_delete;

      $logged_in_user = (int) bp_loggedin_user_id();
      if( $logged_in_user === (int) $activity->user_id )
      return false;

      return $can_delete;
      add_filter( ‘bp_activity_user_can_delete’, ‘prevent_user_delete_own_activity_post’ , 10 , 2 );

      this will prevent to delete user’s own post. however, this won’t hide the delete button. to do that you can do some css trick using class name.

  5. if i have custom popup form for registration , how to add type field on it ?
    are you have shortcode to assign it on form or page ?

  6. Hi Rimon,

    are you still supporting this plugin? I noticed that the member directory tabs do not show up in the member directory listing.