BuddyPress Featured Member plugin released!

Just released BuddyPress Featured members.So, Whats inside?

  • Make Featured Member: Site admin can make some selected users as featured from user profile. Plugin will add a button named “Make Featured” right beside of “Add as Friend”, “Private Message” button.
    make featured
  • Generate Shortcode: After making featured members, you need to show it anywhere you want, you can show them using shortcode. There’s a shortcode generator in wp-admin, you can easily generate shortcode from there.
    Shortcode generator
  • Shortcode parameters:
    1. View: How you want to display members, options: normal, slider. Default: slider
    2. max: Maximum number of members you want to show. Default: 5
    3. filter: Show users using BuddyPress filters. options: Active, Newest, Popular, Alphabetical, Online, Random. Default: Active
    4. astyle: Avatar style code. options: round_0,round_1,round_2,round_3,round_4,round_5, round_6,round_7. Default: round_0
    5. asize: Avatar size. default 150px
    6. user_type: BuddyPress User Account Type PRO integration. So, if you have user types teachers and students, you can create Featured Teachers and Featured Students list.

Example Shortcode:


  • [bfm view=”slider” max=”15″ filter=”alphabetical”  astyle=”round_7″ asize=”100″]
    slider view
  • [bfm view=”normal” max=”15″ filter=”alphabetical”  astyle=”round_0″ asize=”100″]
    normal mode

Let me know if you have any suggestion.
And yeah, here you can download it.

10 comments on “BuddyPress Featured Member plugin released!

      1. Not in my case, may be I made something wrong, using default Twenty Twelve theme

        PS: your dashboard tool works fine but nothing is displayed on front-end

        1. Sorry 😉 for now it seems to work correctly but I don’t know why… before! may be disabled / activated your plugin

          Even if astyle aren’t displayed like your screenshoots, I will try to investigate but I’m really newbee, only your default style seens right…