Just released BuddyPress Featured members.So, Whats inside?

  • Make Featured Member: Site admin can make some selected users as featured from user profile. Plugin will add a button named “Make Featured” right beside of “Add as Friend”, “Private Message” button.
    make featured
  • Generate Shortcode: After making featured members, you need to show it anywhere you want, you can show them using shortcode. There’s a shortcode generator in wp-admin, you can easily generate shortcode from there.
    Shortcode generator
  • Shortcode parameters:
    1. View: How you want to display members, options: normal, slider. Default: slider
    2. max: Maximum number of members you want to show. Default: 5
    3. filter: Show users using BuddyPress filters. options: Active, Newest, Popular, Alphabetical, Online, Random. Default: Active
    4. astyle: Avatar style code. options: round_0,round_1,round_2,round_3,round_4,round_5, round_6,round_7. Default: round_0
    5. asize: Avatar size. default 150px
    6. user_type: BuddyPress User Account Type PRO integration. So, if you have user types teachers and students, you can create Featured Teachers and Featured Students list.

Example Shortcode:


  • [bfm view=”slider” max=”15″ filter=”alphabetical”  astyle=”round_7″ asize=”100″]
    slider view
  • [bfm view=”normal” max=”15″ filter=”alphabetical”  astyle=”round_0″ asize=”100″]
    normal mode

Let me know if you have any suggestion.
And yeah, here you can download it.