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Hey you! I am Rimon Habib, Software Engineer @ IntranetCloud Singapore, Opensource Enthusiastic, WordPress & BuddyPress Expert, Consultant and Developer, Music freak, Addicted to Pink Floyd. Relationship status- in a relationship with my Yamaha Acoustic. Oh, Did I mention I am a tech blogger too? Well, doesn't matter, you know it anyway ;)
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  RepMyCollege.com one of my best works. it is a sports based social media site developed with WordPress. WordPress Multisite and Buddypress. Basically, it is not just a plain MU,BP site, I have made a ton of custom features, plugins, an other customization. here is a short description. Template: The …

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In Buddypress activity steam, Buddypress provides you a Favorite button which is similar to Facebook ‘Like’. When any user click on Favorite button, an activity filter tab opened named ‘favorites’ which contain all favorite activities of that user. Now Whats about Activity’s perspective? I mean, how can I show user names just …

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