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Hey you! I am Rimon Habib, Software Engineer @ IntranetCloud Singapore, Opensource Enthusiastic, WordPress & BuddyPress Expert, Consultant and Developer, Music freak, Addicted to Pink Floyd. Relationship status- in a relationship with my Yamaha Acoustic. Oh, Did I mention I am a tech blogger too? Well, doesn't matter, you know it anyway ;)
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Buddypress allow you to make user profile page, members directory. In my previous post I discussed about bp_get_activity_root_slug() function. this function allow to get activity page URL, there is a similar function to get members directory url, it is bp_get_members_slug(). Usually, buddypress members directory slug is example.com/members, but you can select any page …

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The Entrepreneur Network is a wordpress,buddypress site which is a UK based social network for new entrepreneurs and the developers. The concept is to make a place where new company owner can meet with right person they needed, also for developers perspective, they can get opportunity to get connected with entrepreneurs. the …

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