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Hey you! I am Rimon Habib, Software Engineer @ IntranetCloud Singapore, Opensource Enthusiastic, WordPress & BuddyPress Expert, Consultant and Developer, Music freak, Addicted to Pink Floyd. Relationship status- in a relationship with my Yamaha Acoustic. Oh, Did I mention I am a tech blogger too? Well, doesn't matter, you know it anyway ;)
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Twitter release their API version 1.1, you may need API key to use twitter related wordpress plugins, here is described shortly how you can get you twitter API key things. 1. First login to you twitter account 2. Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps 3. Click on Create New Application button. 4. Fill up …

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Buddypress allow you to make user profile page, members directory. In my previous post I discussed about bp_get_activity_root_slug() function. this function allow to get activity page URL, there is a similar function to get members directory url, it is bp_get_members_slug(). Usually, buddypress members directory slug is example.com/members, but you can select any page …

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