About Me

I am Rimon Habib. Born and living in Bangladesh. I talk and convince machines to work for humanity. I always found that writing or talking about myself is the toughest job for me in the world, but I am just giving it a try

I am a graduate of Software Engineering and currently working in a position of Software Engineer at a cloud application service based startup based in Singapore, named Intranet Websystems since 2013. My job here is to develop an Industry-independent modular Intranet system which has been deployed as SAAS.

Before that, I worked as the lead developer of Pixstr Inc, which is a picture sharing based social network platform. I passed an amazing time there developing it based on WordPress and BuddyPress Development with high end customization, and server maintenance stuff.

Even before that, I worked as freelance developer at different marketplaces, mostly at upwork (former oDesk) from 2009 (I was 2nd top BuddyPress Developer at oDesk rank back then!!) So, I guess you already know now, whole of my 6+ years of professional career is mostly Web technology-based, However, I am very much excited to the next generation of web, a wonderful world of high-end application on web browser. With the latest web technologies like webAssembly, web API and much more.

Besides CMSs, I like frameworks. Whenever it comes to developing a data-driven cross-platform application, I pick Node.JS (Express) and React.JS

I had to do mobile application development as well at my job at different times, which is basically client application for web service-based service using REST API.

An important part is of my work is BuddyPress which a WordPress plugin that allows you to create any kind of community site for your school, company, organization. And I am with BuddyPress from a very early stage, followed its evolution till now.

So, in short, you can just describe me simply as a web technology enthusiast who had an awesome career with WordPress + BuddyPress + Node.js + React.js + REST API! well, that’s a perfect description of me in very short.

In my 6+ years of career, although my working area were mostly on web technologies, in general, I am more focused on fundamentals of computer programming and software engineering, which allows me to learn and getting used to with any kind of technologies quickly. I am a low-level language (C, Haskell) lover. My career goal is to work with a distributed system, embedded software engineering and ultimately the Internet of things.

The most important skill I personally think I have is the obsession with constantly learning new things. I am flexible and fast adaptable with new technologies.

Other areas of my interest are Music (I am probably one of the biggest Pink Floyd fans), Guitar Playing, Travelling and observe cultural diversity.

Woah! I did it!! I know it’s terrible but I said to you, it is the hardest job for me 🙂