17 thoughts on “BuddyPress User Account Type PRO has been released

      1. Michael Eisenwasser

        No worries. I’m happy to hear it’s your favorite theme. That’s a great compliment. I’m going to try your plugin on a major update to easyoutsource.com. The site is a job site and we had to hack core BuddyPress files (about 2 years ago) to make it work with different user roles and to exclude employers out of search results. Since then I’ve always imagined a great multi-profile plugin would be amazing. So many use case scenarios depend on that functionality.

        1. Rimon Habib Post author

          Okay, Let me know if there anything I can help. there might be couple of bugs in the plugin, I am trying to solve as much as I can, so, dont hesitate to report bugs :)

          1. Michael Eisenwasser

            We went ahead and built the update without the plugin just due to timing. But I’m still really excited about this plugin. I’ll definitely use it on future sites. It’s a major features missing from BuddyPress in my opinion.

  1. Gen

    Is there a way to make a Required introduction feild that will feed over into a intro forum? I have this on my forum platform I am considering moveing over to buddy press. I have to have this for screening and security reason. This allows the moderator put themin proper user groups based on their intro and profile.

  2. Fred

    If you pull off the payment gateway feature for memberships your plugin will be EXACTLY what I need =)
    I’m looking forward to getting the pro version! wpbpshop.com is down at the moment though =(

  3. Josh

    What about subtypes? Using your Teachers example. Would if be possible to further add subtypes. So, a teacher could be one of 3 different types English, Math, etc.

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