Its me!!

Its me!!

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog. I am Rimon Habib  Born and past most of my life in Bangladesh. And I always found that writing or talking about myself is the toughest job for me in the world, But I am just giving it a try

I am graduate of Software Engineering and currently working as Technical Lead at a cloud application service based Software Firm at Singapore, Named Intranet Websystems, since 2013

Before that I worked as lead developer of Pixstr Inc, which is a picture sharing based social network platform. I passed an amazing time there developing it based on WordPress and BuddyPress with high end customization, and server maintenance stuff.

Even before that, I worked as freelance developer at different marketplaces, mostly at upwork (former oDesk) from 2009, So, I guess you already know now, whole of my 6+ years of professional career is mostly WordPress oriented, However, I am very much happy to work with such a great CMS which actually forwarded to me study on different technologies over the time, like, by exploring WordPress core, I learned Advance PHP, Advance database modeling and optimization. Server administration and optimization. Advance JavaScript. Most importantly, Working with REST API.

I had to do mobile application development too in the way of my job at different times, which is basically client application of WordPress based service using REST API.

And another important part is of my work is BuddyPress which a WordPress plugin that allows you to create any kind of community site for your school, company, organization. And I am with BuddyPress from very early stage, followed its evolution till now.

So, in short, you can just describe me simply as an web technology enthusiast who had an awesome career with WordPress + BuddyPress + REST API ! well, that’s perfect description about me in very short.

So, as I am still earning and living through WordPress and BuddyPress since start, I feel like to pay back to community whenever I can apart from my crazy busy life.
I mostly try to contribute by developing plugins, sometimes giving support at community forum.
Feel free to take a look at my WordPress profile and use if anything meets your need. I know its not much comparing what I got, but its all about time, as I passed busy years to develop myself, now its time to payback and I will carry on.

Beside everything else, I run a small but awesome development team named ThirstyCrows Developments where I share my ideology about opensource and web technology enthusiasm with some awesomely skilled and similar minded developer. Its a great pleasure working with the team. In case if you are thinking to Hire BuddyPress Developers and BuddyPress Experts to work on your community site to make it awesome, you can put a note to them!

Other areas of my interest are Music (I am probably one of the biggest Pink Floyd fans), Guitar Playing and Playing with non sense but fun apps using webRTC and Node.js.

Woah! I did it!! I know its terrible but I said you, it is hardest job for me 🙂