Member Type Specific Profile Field – BuddyPress 2.4.0 gives you more flexibility!

BuddyPress Member Types API

If you have Membership site based on WordPress, and you want to add community features, BuddyPress is perfect solution for you. BuddyPress release major update BuddyPress 2.4.0 yesterday and this is exciting for those who are planning to develop membership site based on BuddyPress. Why? If you notice the release announcement, the featured change is profile and group cover image, but there is more potential is in member type specific profile field which is essential feature for a membership site. BuddyPress […]

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WordPress tips – Use pre-loader to load content in elegant way

If you have a niche blog where you have list of blog posts including large images, or page full of heavy contents like large size images, videos etc, then use of preloader is a good way for you to make good impression of your site users. What Preloader does? If you load a heavy page full of content, it usually takes time to fully load the page, depending on user’s internet connection speed, as well as server response time, or may […]

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Optimize your WordPress site and make it faster! – part 1

After a long break, i’ve decided to back to blogging again! thought to write a series of articles about optimizing your WordPress site and make it faster. Lets see how it goes Making your site fast is essential for user experience and search engine optimization. First thing about WordPress, It is HUGE! And as it is also so much user friendly, so most of the WordPress user is non coder. they try a lot of plugins in it which impose […]

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How to get twitter API key

Twitter release their API version 1.1, you may need API key to use twitter related wordpress plugins, here is described shortly how you can get you twitter API key things. 1. First login to you twitter account 2. Go to 3. Click on Create New Application button. 4. Fill up the form and submit it.   5. After submitting the form, Scroll down a little, you will see Consumer Key and Consumer Secret information, but you will still need access token. 6. […]

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Coming up next… BuddyPress Nested Conditional Fields!

Well, I know it should be published before, as I felt BuddyPress really should have this feature. I like  to have unlimited nested conditional fields in my BuddyPress site registration and profiles. As example, You want Car details of your user, So, your fields should be 1. Do you have a car? ( radio button/dropdown selectbox ) 1a. Yes 2. Which Brand? 2a. Audi 3. Which Model of Audi? 3a. Audi A4 3b. Audi A5 3c. Audi A6 2b. BMW […]

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BuddyPress Featured Member plugin released!

Just released BuddyPress Featured members.So, Whats inside? Make Featured Member: Site admin can make some selected users as featured from user profile. Plugin will add a button named “Make Featured” right beside of “Add as Friend”, “Private Message” button. Generate Shortcode: After making featured members, you need to show it anywhere you want, you can show them using shortcode. There’s a shortcode generator in wp-admin, you can easily generate shortcode from there. Shortcode parameters: 1. View: How you want to […]

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BuddyPress Featured Member , New plugin in the queue

Just started working on a new BuddyPress plugin, BuddyPress Featured Member. The idea is very simple, Admin can select some users as featured and can show featured members list in different way, like, as widget, and in page using shortcode. Complete features list: Admin can select an user as featured from his/her BuddyPress profile Can show featured members list in page using shortcode Style customization option both from backend and shortcode Filter options ( active, popular, online ) BuddyPress User Account […]

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